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What does GSO do? How can I get involved? All these questions are answered here!

If you have an idea for another program, please reach out!

Programs: Programs

Grad school is hard, especially in the early years. The best consolation? We've all been there. With our mentoring program, we match first-year graduate students with more senior grads. Build your network, vent your troubles, get a new perspective. 

Click here to learn more about our Peer Mentorship Committee!


The grad student run Career Seminar Series highlights various "non-traditional" careers for biology PhDs outside of academia.

The new career seminar planning committee as well as the schedule of upcoming seminars for 2020-2021 will be announced soon.

If you have suggestions or requests for speakers, please contact the Planning Committee.


A new initiative cerated to foster community for students from underrepresented backgrounds, and create a larger voice within the department.


To join the Student Diversity Committee or share your ideas or concerns, please contact the committee.

High Fives


Part of the collaborative nature of our department is our proclivity to spend one Friday afternoon a month commiserating, typically with a lot of snacks.


Each BASH is hosted by a different lab, so if your lab would like to take their turn, please contact Catarina Bromatti (  or Crystal Lara Santos (


Students in our department have worked together to create a document titled, "Navigating Grad School," to help new students and old students alike.


To join the grad guide committee or share your ideas or concerns, please contact the committee!

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