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We hope this group can make that swim just a bit easier. We do not have the formula to do so but we believe that our different backgrounds and experiences are fundamental to find it. 

In light of the recent racist and xenophobic events putting enormous pressure on BIPoC and international students, we feel the need to come together now more than ever.  We’ve decided to start a “Student Diversity Committee” with the following objectives:


  • Create a safe space/community for students from underrepresented backgrounds (eg. BIPoC, international students, domestic students with diverse backgrounds)

    • hear and support their voices

    • help students feel integrated

  • Facilitate communication with faculty

  • Have meetups as a group 

  • Have point appointed “committee members” that students could reach out to individually

Questions? Suggestions? Want to get involved? Contact any of our committee.


Karen Peralta Martinez

Grad DIB Committee Chair


Nyjaee Washington

Grad DIB Committee Chair

Crystal Lara

Grad DIB Committee Member



Grad DIB Committee Member

Grad dib
(Diversity, inclusion, & belonging)

"If you feel like you are swimming against the tide, you probably are". 

grad dib Committee members

Diaz, Jessica_Selfie.jpg

Jessica diaz

Grad DIB Committee Member

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